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Software License Optimization is a key driver in reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and cyber-security risk. SIE has developed the capability for your organization to effectively manage its software assets and licensing posture to reduce cybersecurity risk and generate savings. We can show you the path toward implementation.



Total Cost of Ownership

Lack of effective license data leads to poor management of software TCO, resulting in:

  • Unused shelf-ware
  • Undefined T&C standards
  • “Gold-Plated” products
  • Unexpected reactivation costs
  • Large maintenance costs


Lack of software license control unleashes cyber-security threats which can result in:

  • Personal Information (PI) Theft
  • Significant Remediation Costs
  • Loss of Morale & Reputation

Never Ending Cycle of Unmanaged Environments vs SLMS

Asset Management By Archeology

Unending Cycle of Tracking S/W Licenses: Data Immediately Out of Date

  • Static / Point in Time
  • Not Repeatable
  • Laborious
  • Perpetually Out Dated

Actively Managed Environment

Actively Managed Environment

Proactive Management of License Environment

  • Dynamic / Continuous
  • Self-Sustaining
  • Instantaneous
  • Timely

Proper Software License Management
Dramatically Reduces Costs (up to 30%) and Improves Cyber Security

Software License Management Governance Model

SLM Model


Improved Cyber Security

  • Stakeholders understand priorities
  • Clear lines of responsibilities
  • Improved awareness
  • Enhanced communications
  • Removal of outdated technology

Reduced IT Spend

  • Clean inventory and utilization data
  • Compliance with DHS / NIST data taxonomy
  • Utilization reconciled with entitlements (reduction in ‘shelfware’)
  • Business intelligence to conduct centralized procurements
  • Compliance with OFPP, GAO and OMB guidance on Software

SLM Provides Numerous Benefits that Help Federal CIOs Accomplish Their Missions

CIO Goal:

Control your inventory
“Know what you have and where”

SLM Benefit:

  • Builds upon ‘best business’ practices
  • Enables self-audit and compliance
  • Reduces legal and financial risk

CIO Goal:

Reduce your IT costs
“Stop duplicative / unnecessary purchases”

SLM Benefit:

  • Encourages buying only what is needed
  • Manages entitlements
  • Enables strategic vendor management
  • Facilitates centralized control and planning

CIO Goal:

Improve your cybersecurity posture
“Prevent outside attacks”

SLM Benefit:

  • Identifies obsolete software versions
  • Prevents “piracy”
  • Ensures security patches and updates are deployed
  • Identifies vulnerable assets

CIO Goal:

Increase end-user efficiencies
“Give your employees the tools to drive performance”

SLM Benefit:

  • Reduces delivery time for service desk response
  • Lowers the amount of malfunctions from unauthorized software
  • Increases response time due to higher visibility of assets


Collect and Manage Effective Data

Use Data to Inform Strategies

SIE can assist in developing and implementing reports and dashboards that feed procurement decisions and keep you apprised of your current security posture

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