Our Mission:
Positively Transforming Health and Academic Systems in a New Era of Challenge and Opportunity

Well-intended strategies that pitch big ideas but fall flat on results typically die on the vine. This is especially true in today’s Healthcare and Higher Ed industries. In starting SIE Health & Higher Ed, we wanted to combat this stagnation by creating a results-oriented consulting practice based on the principles of Service, Integrity, and Excellence.

SIE Health & Higher Ed provides clinical and operational strategy in provider-oriented Healthcare and Higher Ed environments. We understand, and have advised on, some of the most pressing clinical topics in all of healthcare: Population Health, Value Based Care, Service Line Optimization, Precision Medicine, and Telemedicine. We understand the unique pressures in transforming the future of American healthcare, especially in the midst of continued ACA evolution, an aging Baby Boomer population, and COVID 19.

Our team has extensive experience in hospital finance, supply chain, value management. IT portfolio management, supplier relationship management, strategic sourcing, demand management, clinical variation optimization, capital planning, and GPO/Distributor/Payer partnerships. Our work provides strategic value with a distinct eye on Return on Investment (ROI). While our work is not entirely bottom line oriented, our average engagement returns 4-10X ROI (bottom line value against fees paid).

SIE Health & Higher Ed prides our work on being actionable and results oriented. We are driven by experience and results vice reports and power point slides. We define ourselves by the before and after picture of our transformed clients, not by whitepapers and marketing materials.

SIE’s Health Services :

Value Management

Managing a consistent portfolio of operational and category management initiatives deliberately in a year over year manner.

Category Management

Managing spend within a particular labor, supply, or service category through multiple value levers in a year over year manner

Rapid Cost Recovery

Executing rapid cost reduction within a healthcare provider environment without disrupting clinical efficacy or community mission

Cost Management

Managing cost performance routinely and accurately while predicting future cost performance in the same manner.

Clinical Operations Strategic Planning

Integrating complex clinical strategies like population health, value based-care, patient consumerism, and tele-medicine into a cohesive Strategic Plan

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