Why Your Agency Has a Failing MEGABYTE Score and Three Ways to Earn an “A”


Download our white paper on increasing savings related to software asset management and how to increase MEGABYTE scores.

For Federal CFOs and CIOs, FITARA and MEGABYTE represent a set of policies issued with well-meaning intent, but difficult to implement.  Specifically, policy makers were hoping these laws would drive major IT reform in the Federal Government and create efficient acquisition processes that eliminate wasteful spending.  Yet realizing these requirements in an IT environment burdened by aging infrastructure, competing demands for resources, and political and organizational silos is proving more challenging than anticipated.  Although the overall FITARA and MEGABYTE scorecards show improvement over time, progress lags, and most Agencies still struggle to get it right.

With FITARA Scorecards 6.0 and MEGABYTE grades 3.0 just being released, SIE decided to write a straight forward approach for Agencies to accelerate their maturity. We offer a three-step methodology to improve MEGABYTE scorecards and for Agencies to achieve the financial benefits of an efficient Software License Management (SLM) program. The results for Agencies include more efficient and secure IT assets, as well as a proactive SLM program that views meeting compliance requirements as only a minimum burden to meeting program missions.

In this white paper, we address the roadblocks Agencies are facing with software asset management and how to accelerate their maturity.