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Less is More in 2024: A Letter from SIE Consulting Group's Chief Growth Officer, Adam McIlwain

By Adam Mcllwain
February 22, 2024

As I reflect on my goals and accomplishments from 2023 and eagerly anticipate the coming changes and opportunities in 2024, I resolve to do less, to consume less, to say “no” more frequently, and most importantly, to LIVE MORE. This resolution applies to all aspects of my life, and I have started incorporating it as part of my consulting strategy.

Consulting gets a bad rap. Often, customers assume their professional services vendors wants to push products and services with the attitude “more is more.” Organizations are right to be skeptical of a consulting team’s intentions. But over the last few years, I’ve grown to love and live by the motto, “Less is More.”

Embracing Simplicity

In my personal and family life, we are focused on applying less is more to our lifestyle choices. This includes consuming fewer food products (but more real food), joining fewer organized sports (but spending more time outdoors with friends and neighbors), and playing fewer video games (but enjoying more creative play, like arts and crafts). It’s not just my kids doing less for more; my wife and I began evaluating if we really want—not need—so many subscription streaming services.

About ten years ago, in a similar attempt to do more with less, I cut the cord to traditional cable. Why did I need to watch commercials when I could watch the shows I wanted when I wanted? This system worked well for me and my family for a little while. I saved money by canceling cable and paying only for high-speed internet and the streaming services I wanted (or felt that I needed).

But over time, my family grew, and the universe of streaming platforms exploded. The numbers and monthly expenses to maintain our subscription services became unsustainable. Why am I subscribing (and paying) for services I do not want or use? This habit is a waste. So, I proclaim today, and urge you all to do the same—I resolve to do more with less in 2024.

Driving Efficiency

I’ve been fortunate to find a company like SIE that is as passionate as I am about my personal and professional resolution: Achieving more with less. I’ve spent my career helping large organizations, like the Federal government, rein in spending and be efficient, focusing on IT asset optimization. Using a combination of SIE resourcefulness, partnerships, and unwavering trust between our team and our clients has opened doors for SIE with a unique opportunity to do more with less.

Simply put, SIE wants to help the government UNSUBSCRIBE from applications and services they no longer want or need. For years, I have watched large organizations and government agencies pay for services, software, and equipment they did not need or use, only because it was easier than making changes or hard decisions. The result has been an abundance of “shelf-ware,” buffer licensing, unnecessary upgrades, and customizations that have left government IT spending bloated and wasteful.

In my experience, it's common for federal agencies to quickly save at least 5% of their annual software spend when they focus on SAM maturity. For a small- to mid-sized agency, this can translate to multi-million dollar savings in the first year alone. For the largest federal agencies, it is not uncommon to save more than $10M in software spend with the right team in place.

At the same time, the lack of proper accounting and management of software has led to risky (and pricey) vendor audits. When vendors determine government agencies have deployed software on their networks without the proper licensing rights—and trust us, they almost always find out—agencies are often forced to pay true-up fees and expensive settlements with the vendor. The agency defending against a vendor audit is also required to redirect resources, which can be extremely costly in terms of time, effort, and personnel.

Doing more with less is the core philosophy of Software Asset Management (SAM) and the driving force of SIE Consulting Group services. In 2024 and beyond, SIE will show the US government, through a series of boot camps, training, conferences, blogs, and one-on-one meetings, that a mature SAM program is achievable and will yield a high ROI.

Using the right processes, technology, and most importantly, people, SIE will show you that in 2024, Less is MORE.