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Optimize Costs & Ensure Compliance

IT Asset Management

At SIE Consulting Group, we offer full stack ITAM expertise customized to meet government agencies' unique requirements. Our team is proficient in asset management for all elements of ITAM, including hardware, software, licensing, and cloud-based or subscription services. We break down complex data sets to help agencies prioritize efforts based on their most critical systems and infrastructure needs.



Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Asset Management involves the systematic management of software licenses, usage, and deployments within an organization. It encompasses processes for procurement, deployment, maintenance, utilization tracking, and disposal of software assets to optimize costs, ensure compliance with licensing agreements, and maximize the value derived from software investments. Our team supports customers by implementing best practices and strategies to maximize value and investment.

Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

Hardware Asset Management focuses on the comprehensive management of physical IT assets throughout their lifecycle within an organization. It includes processes for procurement, inventory management, maintenance, tracking of hardware assets, and disposal in a manner that optimizes resource utilization, reduces costs, ensures compliance with regulations, and supports the organization's operational requirements.

Vendor Strategy and Management

Vendor Strategy and Management refers to the development and implementation of strategic approaches to engage, manage, and optimize relationships with external vendors and suppliers. It involves defining vendor selection criteria, negotiating contracts, monitoring vendor performance, mitigating risks, fostering collaboration, and aligning vendor activities with organizational objectives to ensure value delivery and cost-effectiveness.

Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure Optimization entails the systematic evaluation, planning, and enhancement of IT infrastructure components to achieve optimal performance, reliability, scalability, and cost efficiency. It involves assessing existing infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement, implementing best practices, leveraging emerging technologies, and aligning infrastructure investments with business needs to support organizational goals effectively.

Optimization and Compliance

Optimization and Compliance involve the continuous monitoring, evaluation, and adjustment of IT processes, systems, and resources to ensure alignment with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and organizational policies. It encompasses activities such as assessing adherence to licensing agreements, security protocols, data privacy regulations, and operational guidelines to mitigate compliance risks while optimizing resource utilization and operational efficiency.

Audit Support

Audit Support encompasses activities and processes aimed at facilitating and responding to internal or external audits of IT assets, processes, and practices. We can help with Audit Support through preparing documentation, providing evidence of compliance, assisting auditors in their inquiries, and implementing corrective actions based on audit findings to ensure transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

Tools Assessment

Tools Assessment involves the evaluation, selection, and implementation of software tools and solutions to support IT Asset Management (ITAM) initiatives effectively. It includes assessing the functionality, features, scalability, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness of various ITAM tools to determine their suitability for meeting organizational requirements and achieving desired outcomes.

Tools Integration

Tools Integration refers to the process of integrating multiple ITAM tools, systems, and platforms to streamline data exchange, improve interoperability, and enhance the efficiency of IT asset management processes. It involves integrating disparate tools into a cohesive ecosystem, establishing data synchronization mechanisms, automating workflows, and ensuring seamless communication between different ITAM systems to enable holistic asset management and decision-making.

ServiceNow SAM Pro

Many organizations are in the process of migrating existing asset management capabilities into the ServiceNow platform and strive to optimize their usage of the vast capabilities this platform offers. Our team can help analyze your legacy systems and provide a detailed roadmap enabling a seamless transition to ServiceNow. This includes working with stakeholders to develop a baseline assessment of the organization, documenting to-be state functional requirements for the platform, and assisting in both the technical migration support and ServiceNow licensing analysis to transition to the new environment. Our team uses a vendor agnostic approach to ensure our clients only pay for what is needed. Additional value is created by capturing savings through decommissioning legacy software and thus freeing up investment into enhanced ServiceNow capabilities.

Our Approach

We understand the intricacies of governmental SAM. Effective management of commercial software licenses can help organizations avoid purchasing too many licenses that result in unused software. In addition, effective management can help avoid purchasing too few licenses, which may result in noncompliance with license terms and cause the imposition of additional fees and costly audits.

Our approach involves a thorough analysis of all software vendors owned and deployed on government IT infrastructure. We baseline licensing with a meticulous report aligning licensing to actual usage and deliver an Effective License Position (ELP) for all priority vendors in scope. The result is a snapshot of opportunities and risks relevant to all software owned and deployed. This includes both on-premises infrastructure and cloud-hosted systems.

Why Choose Us

At SIE Consulting Group, we are committed to empowering government organizations through insightful software asset management. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can benefit your agency.

Our analysts possess extensive experience in both commercial and public sector industries optimizing software licensing for large and complex organizations.

We do not sell products or try to pitch you tools. We are tool agnostic and can quickly give you detailed analysis on your SAM program overall, or individual vendors of focus.

We have a track record of delivering value to our customers – including savings of more than $50M since 2018. We are adept at preventing future vendor audits and are a reliable consultant to mitigate and respond to existing audit risks.