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Software Asset Management for Federal Agencies


SAMOSA - Strengthening Agency Management and Oversight of Software Assets (SAMOSA) Act is a proposed law directed at federal agencies that focuses on software asset management.


Understanding the SAMOSA Act

The SAMOSA Act requires robust Software Asset Management (SAM) practices. It will mandate agencies covered under the CFO Act to undertake a comprehensive assessment of their SAM programs, remediate identified gaps, and work towards more efficient license management practices. The SAMOSA Act was introduced to help reduce costs by consolidating licenses and adopting enterprise license agreements. On July 12, 2023, the SAMOSA Act passed Senate mark-up with bipartisan support of 39-0. It is uncommon and rare for laws to have this kind of support. The SAMOSA Act is currently pending a full Congressional vote, but SIE Consulting Group can help you comply with the SAMOSA Act before it is required! Our experts in IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management have a keen understanding of federal regulations and compliance requirements. We customize our services to meet the unique needs of each agency, to help achieve SAM goals.

SAMOSA Compliance Specialists

We specialize in guiding agencies through every stage of SAMOSA compliance.

SAM Program Assessments

Conducting thorough assessments to evaluate the current state of SAM programs within agencies, identifying gaps, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement.

Remediation Strategies

Developing and implementing targeted strategies to remediate identified gaps, ensuring compliance with the SAMOSA Act requirements and industry best practices.

Enterprise License Positioning

Assisting agencies in establishing efficient license management practices, optimizing software usage, and mitigating compliance risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Software Asset Management is a set of business practices that takes financial, installation, usage, contractual, and risk considerations in managing the life cycle of software assets. A mature SAM program should enable governance, contractual, financial, and inventory functions supporting asset management and strategic decision-making. SAM's objective is to maximize the value of these assets while minimizing risk.

Federal Agencies buy billions of dollars in software every year. Mismanagement, duplicative purchasing, or unauthorized use can lead to costly problems for the government. The SAMOSA Act requires agencies to understand their SAM programs by assessing current state maturity, remediating gaps, and working toward more efficient license management practices.

The SAMOSA Act applies to the 24 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Act Agencies, including the Department of Defense (DOD).

By complying with the SAMOSA Act before it becomes law, agencies can stay ahead of the curve and benefit from having a more robust SAM capability. Having a strong SAM capability can often pay for itself by helping agencies:

  • Manage Costs
  • Mitigate Risks of Software Vendor Audits
  • Reduce Security┬áVulnerabilities from Unsupported Software Being Installed

SIE Consulting Group helps agencies comply and strengthen Software Asset Management programs to maximize the return on investment (ROI) on software investments.

Generally, Enterprise License Positions (ELPs) of software allows the organization to access all features of the software at the most favorable price. This is due to volume discounts and best-in-class terms afforded to an enterprise buying mass quantities of software and common products. An Enterprise License Position usually, but not always, prompts unlimited access and use of the software for the organization's users. In non-enterprise licenses, there are usually some limitations and restrictions to access specific features for end-users. The SAMOSA Act requires agencies to utilize ELPs for cost savings, software centralization and achieving best-in-class terms and conditions (Ts & Cs).

SIE Consulting Group has been supporting agencies with similar requirements to the SAMOSA Act since the MEGABYTE Act was passed in 2016. We are the SAM Managed Service Provider for multiple Federal agencies, and can deploy best practices at your agency, which have been developed from decades of experience from our practitioners in every industry. SIE has a successful approach to helping agencies comply with the SAMOSA Act requirements, while also working toward optimizing software licensing across agencies. Our small company culture, dedication to our clients, and a strong team of experienced SAM professionals make us an excellent choice to help your agency comply with the SAMOSA Act.