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IT Category Management & Strategic Sourcing

At SIE Consulting Group, we provide comprehensive IT Category Management and Strategic Sourcing services and solutions. We tailor our services using commercial best practices to our clients' unique needs.


What is Category Management?

Category management is a strategic approach to procurement and supply chain management that focuses on organizing products or services into distinct categories based on their characteristics, usage, and purchasing patterns. It involves analyzing and understanding the dynamics of each category, including market trends, supplier relationships, and customer preferences, to optimize sourcing strategies, drive cost savings, and enhance overall value. Once we have a good understanding of the baseline category management spend areas (i.e., hardware, software, cloud, service, outsourcing), we move forward with focused strategic sourcing initiatives based on specific approaches to capture cost savings.

What is Strategic Sourcing?

Strategic sourcing is a comprehensive approach to procurement that involves analyzing and optimizing the entire sourcing process to achieve long-term business goals. It goes beyond traditional purchasing methods by considering factors such as supplier relationships, market dynamics, and risk management. Strategic sourcing aims to identify the best suppliers, negotiate favorable terms, and ensure that goods and services are procured at the optimal quality and price. At SIE Consulting group, we strategically source our client's procurement needs, help drive cost savings, enhance supplier performance, mitigate risks, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Our Strategic Sourcing Approach

By categorizing IT products and services based on their unique characteristics and usage patterns, we help strategically source vendors to maximize value and minimize risk. SIE employs a 5-phase process for strategic sourcing which ensures the alignment of all stakeholders towards capturing cost savings and efficiencies.

Our 5-Phase Process for IT Sourcing

Our first phase involves developing a program charter which documents stakeholder expectations, roles and responsibilities, communication norms, project timelines and cost savings goals for a specific sourcing event. This is a critical step in aligning our team of consultants with your organizational stakeholders so we can accurately track project milestones and success criteria.

Upon acceptance of the project charter, our team begins the arduous process of data collection, migration, and cleaning. Many organizations struggle with consolidating data from multiple sources and differing taxonomies. Our team coordinates with stakeholders across the organization to collect all available spend data to ensure completeness. From there, we normalize and clean the data to remove duplicates and perform an apples-to-apples analysis. Based on the analysis, our team ranks the sourcing opportunities based on the success criteria identified in the project charter.

Once the team has agreed to the specific opportunities for the sourcing event, we begin the work of crafting the appropriate strategy. This involves developing vendor specific success criteria (i.e., contract consolidation, cost savings, cloud enablement) and analyzing contract requirements and procurement methods. The success criteria are then translated into contract language as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service level Agreements (SLAs), which are later used during the initiative's execution phase.

The work completed in the previous phases culminates during execution. The KPIs and SLAs are crafted into mutually beneficial negotiation strategies that ensure both parties have value to gain during the sourcing event. Our team of OEM specific experts works with the vendor to ensure license compliance and that our customers receive beneficial terms and conditions going forward. Everything is completed under the direction of the appropriate acquisition authority and vendor concessions are clearly documented in procurement language during RFx completion. Once the procurement has successfully been completed, we move to tracking and managing the value achieved.

Accurately capturing cost savings and efficiencies is important to ensuring that the organization reaps the rewards of the sourcing event. Our team works with your stakeholders to document the savings captured and supplier compliance with the agreed to KPIs and SLAs. We also support our customers by providing post-award communication plans to highlight the sourcing successes across the organization, which in turn, helps ensure organizational buy-in for future sourcing initiatives.


SIE Consulting Group specializes in running end-to-end procurement activities, from category management and strategic sourcing to implementing controls for increased compliance and reducing operating costs. This helps our clients identify cost savings opportunities, streamline procurement processes, leading to operational efficiency. Partnering with SIE provides access to our experts' valuable insights, best practices, and innovative solutions – enhancing your operational efficiency.

Let us help mature your organization’s procurement processes. Contact SIE Consulting Group today to learn more.