Driving Cloud Adoption

Federal adoption of Cloud Solutions is challenging due to the gaps that exist between an Agency defining what it wants/needs and identifying how a rapidly evolving commercial marketplace can help reduce costs, multiply force, and mitigate risks.  As such, a need exists for a centralized knowledge base that addresses barriers to Federal IT Cloud adoption.

To this end, SIE is:

  1. raising awareness of what cloud solutions exist;
  2. performing requirements analysis for diligent consideration of solutions; and
  3. automating the development of customized acquisition packages that support informed cloud adoption decisions.

SIE is working with our Public Sector Partners to implement a solution that eliminates these barriers and facilitates a process where Contracting Officers:

  • maintain a clear understanding of the depth and breadth of IT Cloud Solutions;
  • are positioned to map their Agency needs to optimal cloud solutions; and
  • are enabled to reflect their Agency’s needs against the backdrop of the current commercial Cloud marketplace.

SIE Consulting Group is dedicated to developing a repeatable process for Federal Cloud adoption – from discovery through implementation.  We began this journey by working backwards from a desired end state where:

  • Federal Agency officials leverage people, processes, and technology to migrate to cloud efficiently, effectively, and appropriately
  • Lessons learned and best practices are captured and contained within a centralized portal available to all Federal employees
  • Federal buyers benefit from lessons learned and best practices gleaned from similar purchases by their counterparts
  • Federal buyers collaborate with each other beyond traditional boundaries
  • Cloud Acquisition and Adoption portal evolves into a system of  record, engagement, and insight