Classified Federal Agency

Client Need:

Expertise in developing an IT Asset Management (ITAM) program and a recommended approach for procuring toolset(s) to optimize IT asset management lifecycle, minimize current IT spend, and reduce security vulnerabilities

Our Approach:

  • Implement a 6-month IT asset and service delivery lifecycle management program
  • Interview key stakeholders for requirements gathering and data collection to identify gaps and areas to drive cost savings
  • Inventory, review and analyze existing ITAM program strategy, governance models, policies, and procedures
  • Assist in the development of roles, responsibilities and business functions for an ITAM program
  • Review existing inventory, license and utilization data, and baseline current-state software spend for ability to track future savings


  • Facilitated process mapping workshops with key stakeholders to develop target-state ITAM processes, resulting in the development of functional and technical requirements of an ITAM toolset
  • Created an ITAM lifecycle roadmap including activities and key milestones that should be achieved over the next 3 years
  • Developed a Statement of Objectives to procure an ITAM toolset that effectively manages the overall lifecycle of both hardware and software IT assets from cradle-to-grave
  • Initiated the establishment of governance, policies and procedures for compliance with applicable Federal mandates and guidelines, including OMB, GAO, FISMA, FITARA and NIST
  • Served as the liaison between Agency and vendors to conduct demonstrations of ITAM toolset capabilities
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