SIE Consulting Group specializes in COST SAVINGS through reductions in duplicative and wasteful spending. This allows decision makers to focus on investing in capabilities that enable their core missions. 

We are professionals with deep expertise in IT Asset Optimization and we partner with top vendors for seamless implementation.

Why Work With SIE?

Organizations choose to work with SIE because we bring a unique but relatable consulting approach.
Our promise to clients is that in working with us, they will achieve value in the form of:

A Trusted Partner

SIE’s core values of Service, Integrity, and Excellence are evident in each of our professionals. We genuinely care about service and believe that client satisfaction is far more valuable than hours billed.

Enhanced Capabilities

The common theme in each of our core competencies is our drive to make you a better organization. Our team employs a highly interactive process that allows you to build the skills you need to achieve superior results.

Significant Cost Savings

We understand that you are asked to “do more with less.” SIE’s service offerings make this possible with proven procurement solutions that generate quick and substantial return on investment.

Client Testimonials

“The SIE team continuously provides dedicated service, and maintains an outstanding level of performance. Each of their resources brings a unique and valuable skillset to the project. The team’s tireless dedication and poise in the face of adversity routinely impresses me. I cannot endorse them more highly.”
Senior GS-15
“As smart, energetic, creative, and innovative professionals, SIE gets the job done with superior results.”
Senior GS-15
“The SIE Team has been an outstanding resource for knowledge, guidance and support. They have helped us identify gaps in our policy and processes. SIE was instrumental in this, leading the effort by developing 12 ITAM process maps and facilitating 3 days of workshops for SMEs to work through towards an ideal future state. The SIE Team did an excellent job in preparing for the workshops, as well as conducting them. I am looking forward to working with SIE to continue developing and refining the ITAM policies and processes.”