Creating Efficiencies

SIE can help identify your cost drivers and execute strategies to drastically lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We also have developed the tools and techniques needed to give you the “edge” in your next contract re-compete and vendor negotiations.

SIE’s Approach to IT Category Management

Optimizing IT Cost Multipliers:

  • Rationalize Install Base
  • Validate Requirements
  • Match IT Capabilities with End User Needs
  • Deploy IT Asset Optimization

Optimizing IT Cost Drivers:

  • Improve and Streamline Operations
  • Develop Strategic Terms and Conditions
  • Build Business Cases Focused on TCO
  • Draft Acquisition Documents
  • Employ Supplier Relationship Management
  • Develop & Execute Vendor Negotiation Strategies


SIE offers engagement solutions that fit every need across the People-Process-Technology spectrum of IT and Procurement. Are you interested in learning more?

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